3 Signs That Your Commercial Refrigerator Needs Replacement

7 December 2015
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The commercial refrigerator that you use to store perishable items is integral to the profitability of your business. You need the commercial refrigerator that you rely on to adequately function and not result in the loss of stock or merchandise. This means that you need to be aware of signs that point to potential failure of your commercial refrigeration system. There are 3 main signs that signify your commercial refrigerator needs to be replaced immediately.

Motor Issues

The motor on your commercial refrigerator can wear over time. When you begin noticing compressor motor cycle issues, this should be a major warning. You will most likely first notice that the compressor motor does not turn off. When the compressor motor is not shutting off in a normal cycle, this usually means that there is an issue with thermostat or that the compressor motor can't work hard enough to reach the desired temperature. It is possible that if the thermostat is faulty, you can simply have this part replaced. However, if the compressor motor is not functioning properly, this is an issue that signals you need to have the entire commercial refrigerator replaced.

Faulty Sealing

The main culprit behind your compressor motor failing is a faulty sealing system. The motor will burn out at a quicker rate if warm air is gaining access into the refrigerator and if cool air is escaping. The door seal often begins to wear over time, and this leads to air moving in and out, which is not ideal. You will notice condensation on the door frame when the sealing is beginning to wear. If you notice that there are water droplets accumulating on the bottom part of the inside of the refrigerator, this is yet another sign that you have a sealing issue. It is possible to have the seal repaired, but sometimes it is recommended to have the entire commercial refrigerator replaced. It depends on how much damage has occurred to the motor as a result of the faulty seal.


It is also important to determine if your commercial refrigerator is hot to the touch. It is a machine that does produce heat, but if it is producing high amounts of heat, this could signal a larger problem. If the dust is not periodically cleaned from the condenser coils located on the back of the refrigerator, this often leads to increased heat production. The motor has to work harder as a result, and this results in it burning out at a faster rate.