Fridge Repairs | 4 Actionable Steps To Undertake Immediately When Your Fridge Stops Working

26 October 2015
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Your fridge may stop working if something has gone wrong inside and you need fridge repair. If the fridge doesn't cool or turn on properly, it could be because of charred electrical wires, damaged condenser coils, overheating compressors, obstructed drain tubes or evaporated refrigerant liquids. But identifying and tackling the problem may not be your forte, so you'll want to hire fridge repair professionals to undertake the job for you. Before the professionals arrive, you will need to undertake some specific actions to protect your fridge from further damage.

Turn Off The Fridge Power

If the fridge isn't running properly, your first step is to shut off the power completely to ensure that your fridge doesn't suffer from any further damage. This is especially important if the damage has been caused by voltage fluctuations, overheating compressors or charred electrical wiring connected to your refrigerator. Make sure you turn off the fridge power and unplug the fridge wire from the outlet until the fridge repair professionals arrive.

Defrost The Freezer

In some cases, the fridge may not work properly because of excessive ice buildup in the refrigerator. Insufficient cooling is often because of ice buildups on the evaporator coils, which cause them to frost up and stop working. When this happens, the refrigerator will struggle to cool the inside. You will need to call a fridge repair technician to check whether the evaporator coils are functional or need fixing through defrosting.

Assess Whether Overheating is a Problem

If you refrigerator isn't working properly, it could be because of overheating. Unplug the fridge for a few hours and then plug it back into the power outlet. If the fridge works properly after being unplugged, the problem could be because the compressor is overheating. Make sure it is checked and fixed by a fridge repair technician.

Troubleshoot for Noticeable Problems

Look for obvious problems to inform the fridge repair professionals, so they can come prepared with the right equipment. For example, a failing door seal will need to be replaced with a new seal, while a defrost timer malfunction will also need replacement. These obvious faults are easy for laypersons to detect. You'll want to avoid opening any intricate electrical components of the refrigerator on your own if you don't know how to operate it to prevent any further damage to before the professionals arrive.

When you notice that your fridge isn't working, get the fridge repair professionals to fix your problem as soon as possible.