4 Simple Tips for Avoiding Common Fridge Repairs

21 April 2015
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When a refrigerator gets older it's likely to need some repair work, as parts commonly break down over the years. However, some common fridge repairs can be avoided by remembering a few simple tips. To keep your refrigerator in good working order for as long as possible, note the following.

1. Don't overstuff it

Overstuffing a refrigerator or freezer is something that many homeowners do, and something that causes it to break down and need repairs. This is because your refrigerator and freezer push cold air through a vent in the unit and circulate it around your food items.

If you overstuff either compartment, you may block the vent and cold air cannot circulate. In turn, the motor and blower both need to work harder to push that air through. Either one can break down early if you overstuff, so ensure you're not blocking the vents and that air can circulate easily around all your food items.

2. Keep the kitchen cool

The refrigerator and freezer are both well-insulated, but this doesn't mean that they are impervious to the air around them. When the kitchen is warm, this heat can be picked up by the refrigerator and in turn, the motor and blower both work harder to keep the inside of the unit cool. When cooking, be sure you open a window or use the fan over the oven, especially if your refrigerator is in close proximity to the stovetop. This will vent heat away from your refrigerator.

3. Clean the coils

Your refrigerator will have condenser coils which are part of the cooling unit. These often attract dust and debris which in turn make the motor and blower work harder. They should be vacuumed or wiped down every month. Some refrigerators will have these behind a panel but there will still be openings to allow for air circulation, so wipe down the openings and if possible, use a vacuum cleaner hose to vacuum around these openings and keep them clear.

4. Rewire the home's circuits if necessary

When you buy new major appliances, your home may not have the wiring needed to provide the electricity needed. In turn, the circuit may keep tripping or turning off as the wiring is overloaded. If this happens frequently with your refrigerator, you're putting excess wear on the motor as it needs to continuously be restarted. If you note that the circuit keeps tripping, call professionals such as Tom's Refrigeration & Appliance Service to upgrade your wiring or rewire the circuit.